A Trip To Department Of Business Oversight (DBO)

What a fun way to travel!

As a member of the Dept. of Business Oversight (DBO) Escrow Advisory Board Panel, we have our quarterly meetings in downtown Los Angeles. We gather our questions, stories and concerns and we let our regulator know during the 2 hours that we are there.

I used to drive myself the 20 miles it takes to go from my office to downtown Los Angeles. One time, due to heavy, heavy rain (you know SoCal drivers DO NOT know how to drive when it sprinkles, much less when it is sheets and sheets of downpour), I did not get there for 2 ½ hours. The traffic on the freeway was totally stopped and there was just no getting around all the cars that exited and tried to go local.

After that experience I decided that I was going to go public transpo, and I have loved it! I don’t stress, I am able to do some work on the train, it is clean, comfortable, and the scenery is quite different from what you see from the car.

My only slight problem is not knowing if I am going the right direction to the right platform in Union Station, the hub of all trains and buses. I am always walking one direction and then finding that I should have gone the opposite way. But that’s okay; I get my exercise done for the day!

So if I made the correct turn and went down the correct corridor and took the right train, I exit and end up right in front of the building where I am supposed to be.

A Trip to Department of Business Oversight
What a great way to get to downtown L.A. I recommend it to all!

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  1. I took my first ride on the Gold Line within a week of it opening, and I have used it to go to Downtown LA and even at times the Airport and the West Side ever since. For $1.75 in each direction, the train gets you there on time, avoids traffic and parking hassles (and costs!), and generally helps you arrive more relaxed and less fatigued. I’m glad you are “on board” Juliana and are encouraging others, since using the train frees up space on the roads for those who cannot take it.

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