Community Rules

Juliana Tu is the administrator of the Viva Escrow Community which is intended to act as a platform for professional discourse.

Juliana answers questions, provides advice, moderates and participates in the community. You can join the Community by clicking here … [Will redirect to community URL]

Please use it as such by following these Community Rules:

Termination – We reserve the right to delete posts and terminate accounts in our sole discretion. Violate the following rules or the spirit of these rules, and we will ban you.

No Advertising – You may not post commercial offers in this Community. You may not spam the member list or threads of this Community with commercial opportunities. Should you have an interest in advertising to the Community, please contact us.

No Endorsement – The opinions and or views expressed on the community represent the thoughts of individual participants, and not those necessarily of Viva Escrow, Inc. or any of its corporate affiliates or any of their respective directors, officers, employees, or members of its respective board of directors. The opinions and views expressed in the community do not reflect the views of Viva Escrow, Inc. We do not endorse posts by third parties and posts made by Viva Escrow employees shall not be considered offers for services or endorsed by the company.

Copyright Infringement – Do not post content to the site for which you do not have permission. For content owners, you can file DMCA takedown notices with our DMCA agent, here

No Scraping or Copying – You are prohibited from copying or scraping content from the Community and publishing it elsewhere.

No Discrimination – You may not bully, discriminate against, or insult others on the community. While debates or disagreements are allowed, you are only allowed to do so while acting civil and in a professional manner, which we shall determine in our sole discretion. You absolutely may not attack or make disparaging comments about another person based on their race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, employer, or military status.

No Pornography or Profanity – You may not post profanity or pornography in the community.

No Illegal Activity – You may not post or make offers that violate the laws or regulations of California or any state or the federal laws of the United States.

No Spamming – You may not spam the community. Posting the same message more than twice on the community shall be considered spamming.

Compliance With Legal Requests – You do not have any right to anonymity or confidentiality on this site. When served with a subpoena or court order, we will release all information we have for you including name, posts, IP address and any other information we have for you.

Multiple Accounts – At no time may you open two accounts at the same time. If you are banned, you are banned from opening a new account with the community.