How Is This Trade War With China Going To Affect Me?

China Trade Wars
I just bought a selfie stick, made in China, for $18.00. I bought another one, also made in China, for $8.00. My Go-Pro camera case, made in China, $12.00. I think that parts of my new Go-Pro is made in China, as well as parts of my i-Phone. For sure my phone cover is, $15.00. I am feeling pretty glum about my future purchasing abilities in the face of the US/China trade war. When the tariff will extend to products that are used in the basic construction of the consumer goods, or even actual consumer goods themselves, we are going to be in trouble.

This list from the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative shows that cameras, video equipment, TV parts, among a million other things, are all listed (Page 44) as are “dental cements and other dental fillings; bone reconstruction cements” (Page 54). So get your tech toys now, and hope that your teeth will cooperate and not give you problems in the near future.

For a list that is more readable (and comprehensible), check this out.

Do you wonder if this tariff war will affect you? In today’s world, we are all interconnected. Anything that happens on one side of the world will affect the other side very quickly. This has been very evident in particular since the rise of China as a world class economic player. The question is not “will it”, but “how will it” and “when will it” start affecting on our Made in China pocketbook.

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