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(Real questions sent to us – verbatim!)

If I have an escrow that was opened and the deed was already signed, then escrow cancels and reopens with a new buyer. Can I use the same deed?  I don’t normally because of  the deed being drawn prior to my new contract.  I usually have the seller sign a new one.  But this Seller signed this overseas at the American Consulate and is unwilling to go back and have it re-done. Title Company said they are fine with the old one, what are your thoughts?

No, no, no! I would definitely not use the old deed. The deed is dated and signed in consideration to a previous contract Buyer. DO NOT white out and change the Buyer’s names to reflect the new contract (which has a different date) over the Seller’s signature. I am sorry the Seller has to make another appointment at the American Consulate, I know it is a tedious process, but that deed has to be re-done and re-signed. 

Two things come to mind:

  1. A person’s signature on a document signifies that they have reviewed everything that is stated and consents to it. I look at the grant deed as part of the contract between Seller and Buyer.   
  1. When can we change the contract if a change is needed?   

Any substantial change to the document is a change in the contract and like any other contract, it should be re-signed or amended with signature approval of such amendments.

Let’s say the change is not due to a new transaction with a new Buyer. Let’s say it is a correction of the Buyer’s name or some other typographical error. Can the Escrow Officer make the change on that signed document without having it re-signed and re-notarized? Most Escrow Officers will allow such a change as long as they obtain an authorization from the signer prior to doing so.  


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